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Speed Electronics is a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design Consultancy with over 35 years of experience working with industry leaders and SME's and Start-ups.
Why Us
Over 35 years of experience with industry-leading companies
We are ISO 9001:2015 certified
Our highly trained engineers are here to assist you
Around the clock
An urgent requirement?
We work 24/7 no special fares
Reduced costs
Enjoy the benefits of an in-house engineer, at an extremely competitive rate
We care
Each client gets personal attention
Our services
Engineering services
• Schematic design
• Layout design
• Stack-up calculation and recommendations
Board Layout
• Schematic and layout trimmed to customer needs.
• Design review and recommendations
• 3D files
Board Design
• Materials recommendations
• Controlled impedance planning
• Simulation services: SI, PI, Hi-Speed
• Backplane solutions
• Box Build
Final gerbers and files check
We perform a thorough review including DRC report and QC before production to make sure work is meeting our high standards.
We will perform an electrical test to all of the manufactured boards
• From low volume to mass production
• Power, Analog, RF, Hi-Speed, Flex-Rigid and more
• Vias: HDI,Buried,Blind,Via On Pad
• Class 2, Class 3 production
Assembly (PCBA)
• Engineering support
• Testing: ICT, CT, FP and more
Board Layout
• Schematic and layout trimmed to customer needs.
• Design review and recommendations
• 3D files
We support all the major software packages in the market, such as:
A few words from our clients
Dan M.
"It's not easy to find PCB design experts that you can trust with your projects. Speed Electronics provided us with that peace of mind without the need for an in-house engineer."
Suliman C.
Hardware Manager
" I've been working with Speed Electronics since 2001. They are highly knowledgeable, easy to work with, think creatively, and are true professionals. I'm having a highly beneficial relationship with them."

Oren H.
Engineering Manager
"Speed Electronics completely changed the way we work for the best. The team's flexibility and expertise increased our output tremendously."
Speed board Electronics was established in 1986 in Tel Aviv, and it's one of the leading companies in the PCB design field in Israel.
In 2016 we have opened our London office, allowing us to provide customers with our proven services across Europe.
We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, which is a testament to our quality and uncompromising and professional work practises.
Over the years we have earned a stellar reputation thanks to our work with various international and global clients .
We have demonstrated high standards in our work due to exceptional work ethics, usage of advanced technology, fast turnaround, ability to stick to a schedule, and our team's experience, knowledge, and skills.
Our engineers are highly trained and have vast experience in the electronics field. They will answer any demand or request, in addition to providing counsel about the project itself.

We work in a quick fashion for high-priority projects, while maintaining our high standard of work. We also have the ability to work beyond the normal working hours with no additional premium.
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Speed Electronics LTD
23 Austin Friars
London,UK EC2N 2QP
0203 815 7937
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