First international tournament
grappling in Kiev
DECEMBER 7, 2019
The total weight of the team should be no more than 400 kg.
2 teams participate in one match.
The order of wrestlers to enter the carpet is announced by the team before the tournament.
Fight time - 8 minutes.
In case of victory, the wrestler stays on the carpet for
the continuance of the competition and gets 2 minutes of rest.
The tournament lasts until a clear victory, without scoring points.
One participant can defeat the entire opposing team.
Nimrod Ryder
Alan Surmunt
Piter Taube
Saar Shemesh
Purple belt in bjj
Jjif newaza european champion 2019 Represent ilan turgeman team
Brown belt in bjj, black belt in judo
Israel national champion 2019 nogi
Represents scorpion team
Purple belt in bjj Tms 1 grand prix champion ,ibjjf world masters champion.ibjjf european masters champion ,jjif israel national champion
Brown belt in bjj
Israel national champion 2019 , ibjjf poznan open champion , ibjjf paris open champion , newaza third place world championship u21
80 kg
Omer Emanoely
Took 3rd place in uww world championship
Represents cohen brothers jj
77 kg
78 kg
77 kg
78 kg
Ron Cohen
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Judo Black Belt Member of the Jiu Jitsu Israeli Team, Country Champion 3 times, European Champion, World Champion won Sports Ministry of the Year title because of winning the World Championships with experience of 10 years in training.
Zelimkhan Yusupov
Alexander Matviychuk
World Champion ACBJJ M1. blue belt Gi. Champion of Ukraine No Gi. Winner of international freestyle wrestling tournaments. Representative from the hall of Maxim Ruvinsky Checkmat Ukraine.
4-time champion of Ukraine
Silver medalist of the European Championship
Champion and prize-winner of European tournaments IBJJF and UAEJJF
91 kg
Evhenyi Mytchenko
European champion (uaejjf),
6 x champion of Ukraine (ibjjf), European championship , (newaza), World championship ( ACB)
68 kg
77 kg
Маx Ruvinsky
Abu Dhabi World Championship in kimono 2 place, ibjjt pan American in kimono 3, ibjjf pan American championship without kimono 3 place, ibjf European Championship without kimono 2 place, ibjjf championship Asian 2 place
Chernetsky Nazarii
Champion adss black sea 2019 65kg
Champion adss Kiev open 2019 60kg
Champion of Ukraine in ibjjf 2019 no gi
Kms on grappling uww
80 kg
Mykhayl Muzychenko
World championship 2019
Master of Sport of Ukraine in Grappling
Master of Sport of Ukraine in Pankration
Multiple Champion of Ukraine in Grappling and Pankration
Champion of Ukraine on bjj
75 kg
Kasparas Strazdas
Zeniauskas Raimondas
Laimonas Stancikas
Lukas Pelakauskas
World champion (igf federation), baltic absolute champion (igf federation), Adcc Poland winner
4 years ago started training grappling and competing regulary
- MMA Fighter from Lithuania
- Coach and owner of "Team Lion" MMA Club
- BJJ blue belt
From 2013 till 2019 campion (first place) of Lithuania national grapling championship; Winner of warios championship in Lithuania, Latviha, Poland; Champion (first place) of 2017 World pancration chamoionship (Latvia); Champion (first place) of 2018 IGF World pancration championship
European grappling champion 2015 and 2016, World grappling championship 3rd place 2018, Poland open ADCC championship 2nd place 2018
Been doing jiu jitsu, grappling since 16 years old.
84 kg
Danielius Grebliunas
World champion (IGF federation), Baltic absolute champion (IGF federation), Latvian absolute champion, ADCC Poland tournament winner.
From age of 13 i started my path in greco - roman wrestling. After 5 years i started doing grappling and mma. I always take the opportunities and participate in every competition and tournament.

88 kg
69 kg
80 kg
79 kg
Ričardas Piepolis
6 pankratiastis Pankration (2014)
5 dan International Jiu-Jitsu (2014)
1 dan LGF grappling (2016)
1 dan BJJ (2011)
1 dan Karate shotokan (1996)

William Tacket

Mike Khatchikian
Lucas Protasio
Jitz King Champion
MidWest Finishers Champion
Thirdcoast Grappling Champion
Fight 2 Win Pro Champion
ADCC North American trials vice champion
2-0 F2W
Nogi worlds bronze
American nationals gi nogi gold
San Jose gi nogi gold
Tokyo grand slam 2nd
Phoenix pro 1st
Vegas open gi nogi silver
World champion ibjjf Gi 3x
European champion Nogi ibjjf
Brazilian Nationals champion nogi ibjjf
American Nationals ibjjf champion
78 kg
Kody Steele
Third Coast Grappling 175lbs champion
Mid-West Finishers super fight champion
Combat Jiujitsu Worlds welterweight champion
IBJJF Nogi Worlds vice champion
78 kg
80 kg
80 kg
Saeed-Magomed Dunkaev
Jiu jitsu competitor from Chechnya/Russia. ACB JJ match maker / Brown belt from Leo Vieira
Saeed Dunkaev
Master Worlds double gold champion
Nogi Worlds double gold champion
and many other ibjjf tournaments champion
84 kg
Separate seats at the bar's 4-seater table. Separate entrance to the hall a minimum set of non-alcoholic drinks and the availability of snacks. Alcohol and snacks for a separate fee (in the lounge bar)
1600 UAH
Silver Zone
2-seater sofas, separate entrance, alcohol (whiskey, cognac, wine and champagne), buffet, soft drinks
3000 UAH
Gold Zone
550 UAH
Tournament organizers and partners "WALL TO WALL"
Shay Gutman
Sergey Pogosyan
Valentin Didyk
international grappling tournament
December 07, 2019
1. Teams take part in the tournament: Ukraine, Israel, Lithuania, and the USA.
2. The tournament is held according to the Olympic system.
3. The composition of the team is 5 people.
4. The total weight of the team must not exceed 400 kg.
5. The order of wrestlers to enter the carpet is announced by the team before the tournament.
6. The fight time is 8 minutes.
7. Points are not charged during fight
8. Two wrestlers take part in a duel. In case of victory, the athlete remains on the carpet to continue the competition and receives 2 minutes of rest.
9. The outcome and result of the competition: the wrestler wins ahead of schedule (refusal or surrender of the opponent) or according to the remarks, for the passive conduct of the struggle by the opponent (the number of remarks is two more). The wrestler who received the remark takes the turtle position, his opponent has a side position with back control, without a lock of his hands.
10. In the case of a draw, both wrestlers leave the carpet. Teams putting up the following declared athletes.
11. In the case of a draw team result, a 5-minute extra-round is added (teams put one wrestler of their choice).
12. If there is a draw in the extra round, the judge throws a coin to determine which of the wrestlers will take the dominant position ("elbow lever" (armbar) or "back control" (to choose from). If within one minute the athlete could not complete the reception or the opponent left the reception, the position passes to the opponent. In the event of a tie, the judges shall decide on the number of remarks typed by the teams during the match.
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